What is so special about Ukraine or Don't forget Tigray & Yemen

  • Russo-Ukrainian war
    • Date = 20 February 2014 - ongoing as of 11 April 2022
    • Casualties & losses = 8012 killed
  • Yemeni war
    • Date = 16 September 2014 - ongoing as of 11 April 2022
    • Casualties & losses = 150,000 deaths. 85,000 Yemen children died from starvation. 2,556 died due to a cholera epidemic. 4 million displaced.
  • Tigray War
    • Date = 3 November 2020 - ongoing as of 11 April 2022
    • Casualties & losses = 300,000 - 500,000 deaths. 4,500,000 in dire need of food and humanitarian aid. 20,000 missing. 2,500,000 displaced. 61,000 refugees.

Did you hear or read about wars in Yemen & Tigray? Did the international-national media run headlines on humanitarian tragedies in Yemen & Tigray? Did the celebrities flood Twitter & Instagram with their expressions of shock, anger, grief over the situation & solidarity with the people of Yemen & Tigray? Did the leaders of the United States & European Union unleash a series of sanctions against Saudi Arabian, Emirati & Ethiopian leaderships? Did global corporations close their operations & pull out of Saudi Arabia, UAE & Ethiopia?

The uncomfortable yet inevitable answer is, NO!

But, why?

Something has to be special about Ukraine and Ukrainian people. What could it be?

I thought about this question and pondered on it for quite a while, but failed to find a meaningful answer or to reach a conclusion. Then, on a whim, I searched DuckDuckGo with the following search terms,

Ukrainian people, Yemeni people, Tigrayan people

And, I think I have reached a conclusion that is both disturbing & obvious. I won’t burden you with my conclusion, but I learned following during my DuckDuckGo search,

Ukrainian are Caucasian people with white skin, Yemeni are Arab people with brown skin and Tigrayan are Ethiopian people with black skin.


Image courtesy Prabhu B Doss

 Date: April 12, 2022
 Tags:  psychology rant

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