The most insecure person in India

Skeletons in your closet makes you insecure. This insecurity breeds paranoia and insomnia. You become anxious and irrational. You find falling and staying asleep very hard. You sleep late and you sleep light. Perpetual insomnia fuels insecurity, which in turn aggravates paranoia and insomnia. You become a workaholic but an inefficient and error prone workaholic. Your thought and decision making process lacks clarity. You end-up making catastrophic decisions. These failures and errors further fuel the already raging fire of insecurity. You are caught up in a never ending and vicious circle.

A friend who is not from India recently asked me, who in my opinion is the most powerful person in India? Plenty of names and faces immediately came to my mind. Politicians, businessmen, cricketers, actors but more I thought about it, more confused I got. I failed to pick a single person as a clear winner from this list and in the end I gave up on it. But, this brainstorming resulted in another strange question, “Who is the most insecure person in India?” Surprisingly the answer to this one came immediately and without any confusion whatsoever,
Narendra Modi.

 Date: October 14, 2021
 Tags:  india psychology

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