A better term than "Google it" for web search

I came across an article by Kev Quirk on his blog where he pondered on about using a better term than “Google it” when referring to a web search to be performed on DuckDuckGo. Here are a few alternatives Kev came up with and quickly discarded. I’m quoting the following straight from his blog post,

I could say “DuckDuckGo it” but most people would have no idea what I’m talking about, plus it doesn’t role off the tongue very nicely. Using “search for it” is non-contextual. Search for it where? In the drawer? Under the bed? What does “search for it” mean?

In the end Kev settled on using “look it up”. I found that a bit intriguing since the same argument Kev used against “search for it” earlier can be applied here too,

look it up where? In the drawer? Under the bed? What does “look it up” mean?

This got me pondering too. After a bit of reading on the help pages of DuckDuckGo I found the holy grail. And what’s the magic term?
Well, It’s simple, memorable and obvious,
Duck it!
I shouldn’t have wasted my time reading through help pages though as a simple mouse hover over the Duck’s logo reveals the should-have-been-obvious answer.

Holy duck!

 Date: March 29, 2021
 Tags:  internet duckduckgo

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