How to activate numlock on by default in openSUSE with Xfce


You have openSUSE with Xfce desktop environment installed and you want to turn numlock on by default so that you can use the number-pad on your keyboard at the login screen and after logging-in to Xfce desktop. This should have been the default behavior but sadly it’s not! Anyway, it’s an easy problem to fix. This solution is written for openSUSE but it should work on almost all GNU/Linux distributions with Xfce desktop environment and LightDM display manager.

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How to fix Grub2 install error

You want to install Grub2 bootloader onto a partition on your system's hard-disk but the installation is failing with an error message complaining about something called blocklists and you are 100% clueless about this blocklists thing and don't know how to fix this issue. Well, worry not! It only takes a singe flag to fix this error!
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