A great local shoe store experience in Navsari

Initially, I didn’t want to write this post, but then a thought from some deep recesses of my mind came afloat,

Big online marketplaces and big franchises spend a ton of money on promoting themselves while small local businesses can’t, so why not spread the word around when you discover something good locally?

I was wondering around a backstreet in a small south Gujarat town called Navsari when my eyes spotted a lovely looking shoe store. Now, for some time I’ve been contemplating buying a pair of shoes for a friend for his upcoming birthday but haven’t had time to do that until that moment. So, I walked into that shoe store, and I was greeted by the owner who welcomed me in. He informed me that he and his younger brother has only recently started that store. He inquired about my needs and then suggested me a few options. The way in which he went around the whole process of suggesting, displaying and explaining various things about different shoes, it was obvious that not only did he love this business, he also had a wealth of knowledge and passion for it. With his help, I was able to select what I hope is a great pair of shoes for my friend. Just in case if you were curious, this is the shoe that I bought,

Ain't it a lovely shoe!

When it comes to bargaining, I’m absolutely not good as I don’t like to and almost always don’t bargain but much to my surprise and delight, the store owner surprised me by offering a good discount on already a bargain price. I couldn’t have been happier. I usually don’t enjoy shopping experiences, but this was a pleasantly surprising exception to that rule.

The shoe store is called The Velvet Shoes, and it is located in the heart of Navsari town near the city tower. If you happen to be in and around Navsari and you are looking to buy a pair of footwear, then look no further, I’d highly advise and recommend anyone and everyone to visit The Velvet Shoes for a friendly shopping experience, good quality products at great prices. I’ll end this post with a couple of images of The Velvet Shoes and a couple of links to its location on Google Maps and its Instagram page. The store owner said that they regularly post about new arrivals and offers via that Instagram handle, so don’t forget to follow them there.

The Velvet Shoes on Instagram

The Velvet Shoes location

Shoes on display at The Velvet Shoes

Sandals on display at The Velvet Shoes

A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.
~ Christian Louboutin

 Date: August 28, 2023
 Tags:  life shopping

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